ACTION! Film crew visits Fairglen.

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Thursday, 03 September 2009 09:35
Film CrewTuesday 18th August saw Riga based Latvian TV Company Vides Fakti arrive in Cornwall on the latest leg of filming for a documentary series ‘discovering a green Europe’. Pictured are Sandijs Semjonovs (senior journalist) and camera man Girts Straustins who were introduced to lead architect and fairglen resident John Stengelhofen and Simon Williams of developers Percy Williams & Sons Ltd by sales director Jerry Harper. Both Simon and John were interviewed for this forthcoming series of documentaries which will be released throughout Europe. Watch this space for the video clip.

Having left Riga only that morning we felt the crew would need local sustenance, and  laid on Philps of Hayle pasties, a  traditional Cornish cream tea and saffron cake to keep everyone going as filming went on into the early evening.

Later in the week Friday’s Daily Express ‘clicked on’ to Fairglen.  Phones were busy over the weekend following the showcasing of our award winning eco homes.  This follows further editorials produced by our partners Whatgreenhomes and profiling in both the Weekend Telegraph and Sunday Times.
‘We could sell this development twice over if all the enquiries from genuinely-interested parties were from those able to proceed’. said Jerry Harper. There is strong demand for Phase 2, with just three 4 bedroom houses remaining in Phase 1.  Getting chains to form, allowing these sales and the second phase to go ahead remains a real issue.

‘A Phase 2 re-design (probably of a hybrid 3 bedroomed house) is now moving forward following tremendous input from those who have responded to our invitation to tell us what important features you would like to see in your dream eco home’ added Jerry.

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