Architects - Lilly Lewarne Partnership

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No building development of any kind gets far without a good Architect.  A place as far ahead of its time as Fairglen needs an exceptional one.

Percy Williams first worked with some of the principles of Lilley Lewarne Architects (Truro) as far back as the late sixties, when we first undertook a development with John Crowther and Associats.

Since the Lilley Lewarne practice was formed in 1992 our work together has covered a number of projects.  Lilley Lewarne have won many awards for their designs over the years, including recently the 2007 CarrickDesign Awards for Large New Housing, and a Commendation in the New Commercial Building Category.

Elevations of the Fairglen Development:

Elevations of Fairglen

The vision and expertise that Lilley Lewarne has bought to this project has been one of the core ingredients that has made it possible, and their attention to detail shows in design features throughout the development.

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