Eco Homes by Percy Williams

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boiler room
Solar Panels
We strive to be at the forefront of green building. But what do we mean by ‘green building’?

We constructing energy efficient homes with

  • high insulation levels
  • photo voltaic (PV) cells
  • geothermal heating
  • All this dramatically reduces energy consumption.
  • A rainwater harvesting system helps to limit our impact on the environment and minimize our carbon footprint by using rainwater for flushing toilets and garden purposes
  • We source materials and labour as locally as possible.

At Percy Williams we are committed to promoting a sustainable future and take our environmental responsibilities really seriously.

We are taking a wholistic approach to green building, rather than just 'bolt on' extras. In addition, they are a shrewd investment, with rapidly escalating energy costs now a serious consideration.

Eco-homes at Fairglen, which are under construction in just two phases, have received praise from both national and local government and are pioneering what new development should be about. But what goes into developing a contemporary eco-home?

Percy Williams have worked with a large number of experts to incorporate the most advanced design and technology available. A development as far ahead of its time as Fairglen only works if you use experienced suppliers and carefully chosen materials.

On this project we have been delighted to work with the following selected companies and organizations:

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