2010 Outlook - Cornish Houses for Sale

Cornish homes for saleWith 2009 well under wraps it is a good time to reflect and look forward to what 2010 has to offer us.   At Percy Williams we had a consistent year with a number of our Cornish homes for sale being sold to a variety of buyers.  Looking back there has been a number of factors which have made 2009 a challenging year for buyers and sellers.

Many home owners who would have considered moving house in the last year have held off putting their houses on the market. They have made do with their situation or building extensions to house their growing needs for space.  This has created a shortage of housing stock on the market and a subsequent increased competitiveness amongst buyers.

One of the biggest stumbling points buyers have found, especially with the first home owners is their lack of ability to access finance.  Banks have taken a huge turnaround from the days of over 100% mortgage and are now typically demanding a 20% deposit from home owners.  In the south west region the average house prices are often 12 times the average wage hence it is often a struggle to get that first foot on the housing market. 

At Percy Williams we have variety of houses that suit a range of purchasers, from the first home owners to people looking for something a bit unique.  We aim to provide top quality properties that are still affordable for local buyers.

Cornish Homes

A good example for this is at Gweal Pawl at Redruth Urban Village were we have several one and two bedroom apartments that have been reduced during 2009.  They are unlikely to stay on the market for long in 2010 with prices starting below £100,000.

Work and Live Opportunity

For someone looking at setting up a small business or having a studio space at home we have several work and live apartments remaining.  They provide stylish apartments for living and are connected to spacious studios or office space.  There is the convenience of walking only a short distance from your home but the degree of separation providing a professional work environment which is ideal especially if you have clients visiting you on site.  

Eco Homes

Cornish houses for saleAt Fairglen in Hayle we have our flagship eco properties for sale.  Using a variety of innovative eco techniques they provide environmentally friendly living in a stylish environment.  We have only two of these eco homes still on the market.  

In 2010 we are looking for a market that remains stable, with small increases in line with wages and inflation.  This is good for both buyers and sellers and the economy as a whole and helps us plan our investment with confidence.  It will be interesting to see how banks react in the following year and we hope they reach happy compromise between the days of excessive lending and the present reluctance to provide finance.

If you are looking for Cornish houses for sale please contact us and we will be happy to organize a time to show you our properties.